What underwear suits each occasion?

With last night’s chill hitting the eastern states of Australia it’s fair to say that winter is here! It’s only June too but it sure is cold. Winter is often a mental challenge for us sun loving Australian’s with eating crap, drinking alone and long binges on Netflix being the recipe for survival.

But as we bunker down and prepare for a long winter, what are the best pairs of underwear which will assist us in our mood and help us feel better about ourselves. Whether it be that warm feeling when your relaxing with a movie (or book) or you need some motivation to feel a little sexy and go outside, the underwear you chose will assist you!

This week, we’ll be starting with men and next week we’ll look to what women can wear to help them out.

I’m fat, lazy and disgusting but love it

A cold winters day can lead to a dark room, laptop and a pack of starburst on the side of the bed (yes, I know all too well). While you bathe in your own filth you are sunk with a feeling of deep satisfaction and contentment. So what will suit your needs during this time of self gratitude?

Loose Knit Boxers – Loose and long these cotton boxers from Mitch Dowd will have you feeling like your wearing nothing at all. They will even keep your legs warm during toilet breaks. Perfect for a day in!

I could go a beer

Sometimes it’s cold and your struggling for motivation. Go out? Save money and stay in? What to do! When you need that motivation to go out and fill your need for a beer, its hope you have your long leg trunks on. The Tradie Long leg trunks will keep you warm under your jeans, they won’t ride up your leg as you go out and they’re so comfy they’ll give you the confidence to enjoy yourself!

Boys, Boys, Boys

You’re ready for a big one, it’s time to go out and show your face. A classic pair of briefs or trunks can never serve you wrong! The Tradie Hipster Trunks are great because they give you a little bit of room to move, some flexibility on the dance floor.

 I feel lucky

When you feel lucky, it’s time to throw on the male g-string or jockstrap. Back yourself in, give yourself a point of difference. Feel sexy, confident and see what happens!

June 21, 2018

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Pub Talk – Short or long leg trunks?

There are many classic debates that always come down to personal preference. Godfather one or two? Did Adnan do it or not? New Stars Wars series or old? In the underwear industry there are many traditional debates which still never have a clear winner. For men, it’s trunks, briefs or boxers? For women, it’s G-string’s or boy leg?

Since the early 2000’s, the popularity of trunks has ceased the debate as to boxers, briefs or trunks. Trunks have really taken over the male market as men no longer believe that boxers will help the tree grow more nuts. That myth has subsided, and Trunks have taken over. However, a new debate has enraged in the male underwear market. That is, what is the better trunk? Short classic trunks or long leg trunks?

This week, we’ll look at the long leg trunk and why people are thinking they are the real deal.

The long leg trunk

Long leg trunks have long been associated with sports. The trunk is most popular for bike riders and athletes who are looking for a pair that will not ride and give them the necessary support to go 100%. It has been the transition of the long leg trunks from a sports pair to an everyday pair that has sparked this debate. Companies like Tradie and Mitch Dowd have done a great job at recreating the athlete trunk to something that can be worn every day. In fact, even the latest Bonds ad is of Dustin Martin in a pair of long leg trunks. This is perhaps the greatest indication of just how popular long leg trunks have become.

No more wedgies

The main argument for long leg trunk lovers is the fact that long leg trunks don’t ride. Contrary to what you would think, the extra length reduces the trunks chance of riding. Instead, the trunk extends past the ride zone so it doesn’t get caught on your pants and ride up.

No chafing with long leg

The other benefit of a long leg trunk that doesn’t ride is the fact it prevents the chances of chafing. The trunk doesn’t ride up so thus, it doesn’t rub against the skin and cause irritation. Further, if you get a good pair like the Tradie No Chafe Long Leg Trunks than you’ll get a breathable pair that will further reduce the chance of chafing.

With its booming popularity it must be said the Long Leg Trunks are the real deal. They are comfortable, they breathe well and look good. But more importantly, they don’t ride or wedge. Short trunks get caught on a chair or always move around and find themselves being picked out constantly. So with the no ride and no chafe philosophy, we at UnderMyPants are on the long leg train!



June 11, 2018

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The helpers who need our help

There’s been a lot of recent publicity educating the public on the physical abuse the medical industry suffer. It’s alarming to think those who work to assist us in our greatest time of need are being physically attacked and put in threatening positions. We only hope that the current campaign will educate the wider community to ensure our nurses and paramedics feel safe in their work environment. However, this week we’re reflecting on a great campaign which is close to our heart. On June 1, it is crazy socks for docs day. A day were doctors wear crazy or odd socks to help raise money and awareness for mental health within the medical industry.

Last year, UnderMyPants supported the campaign and this year we are proud to jump on board again. The reason this is so close to us is we’ve witnessed the struggles first hand of working in the medical industry. With a brother who works in the industry, it’s been interesting to note the journey he’s been on.

Like most people, I always assumed that my brother was on top of everything. He’s a doctor, he can deal with death, sickness and disease. I like many, assumed that he was trained to deal with this and wired that way. However, as he grew deeper into the field, I started to learn that he, just like me goes through the struggles of work. It was interesting to listen to his reflections on people who were his age or with young families. People who didn’t deserve what occurred, yet, all the industry can do is treat them as best they can.

It must be hard to deal with all these scenarios all the while you need to be cool, calm and collected. Doctors are often our rocks and they are held in the highest esteem in our society, yet we never think that they too need our help.

The message Crazy Socks for Docs is to raise awareness for mental health in the healthcare industry. Doctors need to be aware of it and look after each other. It’s only when our healthcare professionals look after each other with the support and care of our community that mental health burdens will not go on unspoken.

June 1, please get out your crazy socks for docs and see below to help out.

Crazy Socks:

#CrazySocks4Docs @CrazySocks4Docs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

To contact Beyond Blue, please call 1300 22 4636 or visit beyondblue.org.au



May 29, 2018

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What’s under your pants – Why it’s important for the government to know

Apparently smuggling drugs in cakes is no longer a thing in jails. Instead, inmates have turned to underwear and socks to bring in their ‘goods’. This latest trend has seen the NSW government ban inmates from receiving underwear or socks in the mail.

How are intimates being used to smuggle drugs into jail?

Authorities have found that drugs have been sewn into the lining of the underwear and socks. The briefs straps or elastic bands on our socks and underwear were being unpinned, packed with illegals and sewn back up. Once concealed, the underwear or socks were sent as gifts to inmates. Although it’s highly illegal and wrong, this demonstrates how socks and underwear are always the best gift. Even when in jail, a fresh set will cheer you up. You really can never go wrong!

Is the ban fair?

Although you could be thinking, ‘yeah this is fair enough!’. I want to point out the big brother aspect to this. Surely, items get inspected before they come into the jail? Surely, the authorities can just check the lining? how many pairs of underwear and socks are coming in?

As an underwear and sock enthusiasts, it’s important to us that even those serving time have the right to receive, choose and wear underwear and socks they love. Wearing their favourite pair of underwear could give them the slightest bit of happiness and hope within a bad environment, how do you feel when you put on a brand new pair of underwear or socks?

It’s a vanilla situation  

Perhaps the worst part of the decision by the NSW government was the decision that inmates need to wear the same prison-issued socks and underwear. How sad that is. The Orwell in me will say it starts with the prisons and ends with our society. Imagine if we all wore the same underwear and socks? It would be very vanilla, almost like prison?

Hopefully our governments are more proactive in checking our mailed goods to ensure sewn drugs are taken out. Fingers crossed our inmates will soon be allowed to receive their favourite intimates again!



May 17, 2018

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Green thumb – What happens to our underwear?

After last years War on waste series on the ABC everyone in Australia got a little more conscious of our environment. The series did a great job at calling out our current ways. In particular, it focused on everyday activities that we all love, yet are devastating our environment. Look at take away coffee cups, plastic bags for shopping and fast fashion!

As a reseller of underwear, we were particularly taken aback by the fast fashion statistics. 500,000 tones of textiles and leathers end up in our landfill each year. This equates to $500 million worth of textile waste each year. Even more alarmingly, Australian’s are the second biggest consumers of textiles in the world. On average, an Australian will consume 27 kilos of new textiles each year and throw out 23 kilos. The scary part? Of the 23 kilos of clothing that we throw out each year, 15 kilos of this can never be broken down. It will just waste away in our landfills, destroying our environment.

These statistics are alarming. These statistics don’t even go into the manufacturing process. Imagine all the damage that is done to our environment to produce the 27 kilos of textiles that we consume each year. I would hate to imagine the impact it is having on our waterways, fields and overall environment.

So, the question came to us, what can we do in the underwear industry? We looked at in the market and surprisingly, we found a lot of brands that are doing good things. In this week’s blog we celebrate a new underwear brand from Denmark, look at what’s happening in Australia and pose a question to you about your underwear.

Silver lining

Silver lining is an organic basics company producing underwear and t-shirts for men out of Denmark. Their catch? Their basics are produced out of recycled nylon and have a polygene applied to it for odour control. What does this mean? Silver lining’s aim is thanks to their technology, kills bacteria so no need to wash your underwear as much as we currently do. They tackle our environmental waste by reducing the amount of energy and toxins released into the environment from our washing machine.

Not bad. This company is doing a kickstarter, so look them up if your interested!

Labels to look out for

Ethical clothing Australia lists a number of Australian producers who are doing their part. Companies like Atlast the label, are using recycled materials to produce underwear that is made with minimal effect to our environment. Make sure you go to – http://ethicalclothingaustralia.org.au  to see what’s out there.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

To finish this weeks blog we want to pose a question. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could recycle our underwear and socks? Instead of throwing our pairs out to landfill, what if we could put them in the recycling bin? Or what if we had a new bin, one purely for textiles. We could apply a new process to help recycle our clothing rather than leaving our 23 kilos in landfill. Just crazy ideas that haven’t been answered yet. Let’s us know your thoughts!


May 7, 2018

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Is underwear the new outerwear?

Is outerwear the new underwear? According to the fashion from Coachella it is and we are loving it! But what does this mean? Exposed bras, bras as tops, jocks as shorts. Less is best!

We at UnderMyPants love the continued growth of underwear being worn as outerwear. It’s more fun to give people a peek at what’s underneath, it gives you a boost of confidence all the awhile it’s a little cheeky with fashion. We see underwear statements worn by celebs like Gigi and Bella, Kylie and Kendal but is it acceptable for you and I to turn up to Sunday night dinner with crochet pants and a see through G-string?

This week we explore the underwear as the new outerwear craze!

The benefits:

We don’t have to look too far to find some benefits. Wearing just your underwear or bra is cool. It feels great, it looks sexy and most of all it just makes a simple statement to the world – I don’t give a f#%^. Checking out some of the images below from Coachella and fashion blogger you can see how good it feels to just wear your underwear!


There’s no VPL

Visible panty line is a crime! The thought of tight jeans with visible granny panties is a headache and can change the whole shape of your bum. Having your underwear as the statement rather than your pants gives you the comfort of full briefs and nothing to explain when you have VPL, clearly you’re a fashionista and we shouldn’t question it.

Is this really a new trend?

While it’s clear the benefits that underwear as outerwear is a fashion trend, one question remains. Is this a new trend? Everything has a place. Some tribes out in the jungles both men and women still only wear underwear. They are staying nimble for what’s out there; ready for what surprise the world might have for them next! This trend also continues back to the 16th and 17th centuries were men and women would display their underwear. Think long one-piece undershirts being displayed by Englishmen. Ladies would display their corsets and ruffs would be coming out of all angles.

We can come to the conclusion that kicking dust in the middle of the Californian desert listening to Beyoncé is an acceptable time to whip out your best underwear and not give a hoot! We can confidently say that music festivals give you a free pass at fashion and anything goes attitude but at your Sunday night family dinner maybe consider covering up for the grandparents.

It seems that what’s under your pants continues to play a key role in your life. It not only protects your privates and keeps you hygenic, but it also is a fashion statement. So next time your picking your next set, make sure you pick something that your happy to display!

April 27, 2018

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Si Pantalone, more than a comedy act

Have you ever wondered where your underwear comes from? Here at UnderMyPants we want to provide some answers and delve deeper into the questions that have always been wondered, yet never answered. Earlier this year we did a blog on why we wear underwear? This blog answered the questions about the purpose of underwear. This week, we look at the history of underwear. Where did it come from, why is it called underwear and much more!

The name

As all good legends and myths, the story of ‘underwear’ starts with an Italian comic named Pantalone. This legend of the industry has his name sketched in history as he performed a comic act and wore ‘pants’ under his clothes. These pants would go all the way to his ankles and showing these off to the crowd were part of his comedy routine. As such, underwear became known as ‘pants’.

It wasn’t until the 19th century, were underwear was renamed to ‘underwear’. The English called them pants, and they were soon known as underwear as they were worn under clothes. Originally, they started as underpants (this name continues in some countries) and slowly moved to underwear.

Different eras of underwear

The ancient Egyptians were not only building pyramids and taking over the world but they were also wearing loincloths. These were one of the first documented pairs of underwear. However, this was only sometimes. I can imagine in that heat and with all the building they were doing, sometimes you’d like to just freeball. Let it all out, you know? The Romans, not to be outdone, were the first full time wearing civilianization to wear underwear. Perhaps that was Julius Cesar trick to getting a delicious salad named after himself?

During the middle ages men wore linen shorts as underwear, while, women didn’t wear any ‘knickers’ until the 19th century. Prior to that, women simply wore corsets underneath their dresses.

Fun Fact

The bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacob who used two handkerchiefs joined by ribbon. What a resourceful women and what an impact she has had on society!

Through the ages

From the 19th century through to the 20th century, underwear became shorter and more of a fashion item. As companies like Jockey, Triumph and Bonds appeared, they had designers who would shorten the corsets and long leg underwear and make them more visually appealing. Second fun fact, companies like Jockey, Triumph and Bonds have been around for over 130 years! They are staples in our lives and continue to create underwear that supports us all.

Underwear is a fascinating concept and one which has been around through ages. Starting with a joker in Italy and ending with fashion icons like CK. Underwear will continue to play a role in our lives and is something we at UnderMyPants are passionate about.


April 15, 2018

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One Year On – What we’ve learnt

It was no April fools joke when UnderMyPants launched last year. As the starry-eyed founders, we were reassured that our ‘great idea’ would be a huge hit. Everyone had given us feedback on the website and said they liked it. What could possibly wrong?


We’ll a lot of things went wrong and just as many things went right. We stand here, one year on the journey having learnt a lot. We are now facing real business challenges that will continue to make or break us – Logistics, costs and continual growth. We thought we’d reflect on what were some of the lessons we learnt from our first year in business.


Sales are hard to come by

Perhaps one of the funniest journeys we went on this year was overcoming our first challenge of acquiring sales. We felt like we were in the Sahara desert when we first launched and it wasn’t until we went out to our customers that we found out our idea and website had more holes in it than Swisse Cheese. So what do you do in the face of a challenge? You listen, you ask as many people as possible for feedback and you try new things. Being able to pivot has allowed the business to sell one off underwear and sock packs. Shifting to include this new business model has allowed us to generate constant sales, expand our audience and grow the subscription side of our business.


Be yourself

In November last year business for us in both the New Zealand and Australian market really kicked off. As it kicked off we had more orders then we could handle. It led to us being ‘too busy’ to implement practices that we had prided ourselves on. We loved confirming orders, hand writing cards and speaking to our customers on a regular basis. By not doing so, we lost our identity and it was evident to us given the feedback we were getting. The operations team took a deep breath and went back to what gave them joy. They implemented the practices that helped us get to that level of growth and we continued to communicate with our customers. We believe in good customer service and delivering a good experience and we will continue to do this in our own way.


There’s always a new challenge

When things are good you can find yourself getting ahead of the curve. Perhaps I don’t need to get up at 5am this morning. Argh, that task can wait till tomorrow. It’s not vital, we’re making money right? How wrong this attitude is! It’s so important to have your finger on the pulse and be constantly pushing yourself. Taking your eyes off the road just leads to more stress down the track.


Bad turns into good – Always believe

Whenever we’ve had a down time, it’s always been followed by good growth in the company. We’ve learnt that you simply need to believe. When I’m stressed out of my mind and can’t see how I’ll get through this challenge or even get through the day, I tell myself to believe. I tell myself that I need to believe this hard work will bring on the next wave of good news. I need to believe what I am doing is the right thing for the company and our partners. I need to believe this is the right step for the company.


The best part? When you truly do believe, you get through the moment and find yourself overcoming the challenge. Positive reinforcement goes along way when owning a business.

April 2, 2018

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Different Culture means different Ways – Troubles with going global

About four months ago UnderMyPants released a blog about our tips for going global. We had just successfully gone into the New Zealand market and we were feeling great about ourselves. With great momentum from New Zealand and our documented steps to go overseas, we thought we had the formula to expand globally. As 2018 started, so did our desire to enter the South African market. We knew the process, we had researched the market and were ready to go.

The only problem? South Africa has a vastly different culture. It’s one that we don’t have experience in dealing with. The cultural differences have brought on vast challenges and huge delays. As it stands we are nearing the end of March and we are still on step one…. It’s been a frustrating journey to say the least.

Why has it been so hard? How can a cultural difference be such a challenge you say? We’ll here are a few holds up we’ve experienced.

Infrastructure Issues  

One of the biggest challenges has been dealing with the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). There infrastructure services are not up to date with current practices and as such it’s been a massive hurdle to even register our business in South Africa.

Rather than just paying for any service via credit card (such as company registration) you need to deposit funds into your account first. Sounds easy, we’ll it isn’t. When your funds haven’t been allocated you start to look for answers. Sadly, CIPC’s customer service infrastructure is just as bad. There poorly planned ticketing system allows for tickets to be unanswered for over 10 days (a further two-week delay) and then calling South Africa has its own flaws. It’s difficult to hear, even in today’s world there is still poor connection. There is also a language barrier too. It’s overall just a difficult experience.

The banks are never nice

We cannot park the blame on ourselves and CIPC. Everyone’s most loved villain makes an appearance, the banks. After an eight week ordeal, we finally had our funds allocated to our account. But only half of the money was deposited. Neither the ANZ bank or ABSA we’re willing to offer a reason as to where the money went. Rather, they were blaming each other. My only option, pay $25 for a two week investigation. More money, to find out who stole my money? Thanks banks….

After deciding against the investigation we deposited more money in. Only this time, ABSA had started a wild rumor that our confirmed deposited money is now being refunded, meaning CIPC could not allocate the funds to us. Thanks again Banks. Tell us one story and the other party another, love it!

It’s been an ordeal. My biggest taking from this is that you cannot prep yourself for a new market. It’s too hard to know the internal workings of a country unless you are there. We’d never expected that customer service could vary so much between country to country. Sadly, in South Africa communication is poor and it’s hard to know what’s happening. We’ll keep pushing through these challenges in hope it will turn around soon.

March 20, 2018

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Wearing socks to bed can improve everything

I’ve always thought bed socks were for old people like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory. I never thought about why people would wear socks to bed, in particularly old people. Perhaps it has some sort of benefit? With that perception in mind I went about finding out what are the benefits of wearing socks to bed.

It turns out there’s a lot of benefits. Who knew that wearing socks in bed may increase your sex life, it helps you sleep faster and helps with health problems….Yeah, wearing socks to bed can change your life and here’s why!

Improve your sex life

The University of Groningen (not sure if this is real?) found that 80% of couples reached orgasm while wearing socks. Meanwhile only 50% were able to get there without socks. They believe that wearing socks in bed keeps you warm, allowing for more improved blood flow to other parts of the body. Further, having warm feet won’t put off your partner while your frolicking. Rather than feeling your partners cold feet you now feel warm feet with soft fibers. Apparently, this combination is sexy and if your looking for that extra spark or looking to be warm whilst doing it, why not try wearing socks to bed?

Health benefits

What’s interesting about sleeping with socks on is that it cools down your core body temperature. I thought it would be the opposite with sweaty feet and overheating all night. Turns out that wearing socks to bed allows your core body temperature to drop from 37 degrees to 35.8 degrees. This has huge effects on the body as it conserves energy and dilates your blood vessels, resulting in a cooler core body temperature and greater blood flow.

This has two known befits. The first is for women as it can reduce the amount of hot flushes they feel at night. This can be particularly helpful during menopause. Keeping the body cool will reduce your hot flushes and allow you to sleep better.

The other health benefit is a decreased chance of getting Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a circulatory disorder in which your blood vessels tighten in response to stress or cold. It is associated with white hands and toes with a numb sensation going through these parts of your body. Wearing socks can reduce the chances of this occurring as you are taking care of your feet by keeping them warm at night. Lastly, wearing socks at night can stop your heels from cracking as it prevents your heels from drying out.

Fall asleep faster

The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) published a study in 2007 that people who wore socks to bed fell asleep faster. Again, keeping your socks on at night will reduce your core body temperature and allow you to sleep faster.

At UnderMyPants we thought about what socks would work best for going to bed. Bed socks obviously would be good but if you don’t have a pair, try a thick pair of woolen socks or some thicker cotton pairs like a crew sock. Good luck with it, we hope it gives you some of the benefits above!









March 15, 2018

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