Mossimo product information

Mossimo Sport Socks

Mossimo Sport Socks:

  • Mossimo sport socks are rich in cotton for extreme comfort
  • They are low cut designed to sit just above any shoe
  • They have thick cushioned foot to lessen impact
  • Rib band to stay up

Mossimo Crew Socks

Mossimo Crew Socks:

  • Cotton blend socks for extreme comfort and durability
  • Very light weight, perfect for everyday wear
  • Mossimo logo on the sole of the foot
  • Made from soft cotton blend and elastane
  • Mid-length sock

About Mossimo

Mossimo started in 1986. It has been around for 31 years. It was founded by the Mossimo Giannulli who started the brand in California. It didn’t take long for Mossimo to find its feet. In the first year of business they did over one million US dollars of sales. That’s a huge amount for 1986 and for a startup business. We only hope UnderMyPants can replicate their success.

The expansion of Mossimo continued well into the 90’s and the company grew into a lifestyle company which produced sportswear and accessory items. In 2000, Mossimo had made a deal with Target and globally they produced and sold Mossimo products in Target stores.

In Australia, Mossimo is part of the brand collective group. The brand collective group used to be part of Pacific Brands or as you and I know them, Bonds. In 2015, Bonds decided to sell Brand Collective and it was sold to a private firm. Since the sale in 2014 Mossimo has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Mossimo is a lifestyle brand. Mossimo is inspired by the Australian outdoors and since their establishment their philosophy has remained the same. Create clothes that are focus on functionality, quality and reliability. And do it at a high level. Mossimo have a strong belief that their brand gets stronger over time and look to put modern interpretations on all the latest designs.

It’s hard to argue this isn’t true. Their logo has with stood the test of time and is one of the most recognisable logos in Australian fashion.

UnderMyPants is proud to supply Mossimo. We currently supply Mossimo in men’s crew and sport socks. However, we are keeping our ear to the ground should Mossimo bring back their men’s underwear range. We only hope, that they listen to what people want and bring it back!