Sloggi product information

Sloggi Bikini Brief

Sloggi Bikini Brief:

  • Made with soft supima cotton for increased comfort and durability
  • Made from cotton, nylon and elastane
  • Perfect fit due to velvet lamination
  • Lightweight and smooth for everyday wear
  • Part of the Sloggi Invisible range, where you can explore freedom, invisibility and perfect fit

Sloggi Boyleg

Sloggi Boyleg:

  • The Sloggi Boyleg is an all-over lace brief with a silky smooth finish that will sit without irritation
  • Perfect fit ensured by stretch fabric
  • All-over floral lace is fun and flirty
  • Remains invisible even under close-fitting garments
  • Part of the invisible, yet decorative range
  • Made from nylon, elastane and polyester

Sloggi Full Brief

Sloggi Full Brief:

  • Made from cotton and elastane
  • Super lightweight and smooth for a comfortable all day wear
  • Complete with a delicate scalloped trim
  • Provides all-over coverage

Sloggi Hipster Brief

Sloggi Hipster Brief:

  • Made from cotton, nylon and elstane superbly crafted for smoothness and freedom of movement
  • Velvet lamination guarantees invisibility
  • Supima cotton fabric ensures optimum moisture regulation and shape retention
  • No pilling effect, even when washed frequently
  • Enjoy the natural feel of perfect lingerie every day

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About Sloggi

“Sloggi are an international brand that has sold over 1.3 billion pairs of briefs. Why? Because they use real cotton fabric to produce the softest comfiest underwear. And it lasts!”

Sloggi are a global favourite. Starting in 1979, Sloggi has grown to become one of the bestselling women’s briefs around the world. In fact, they are number one in Europe. Even more amazingly, since 1979, they have sold 1.3 billion Sloggi’s. That’s a huge amount! So much for women forgetting to buy their underwear?

Some fun facts about Sloggi

  • Sloggi Men’s briefs (unfortunately not sold in Australia) has been worn in outer space. Paolo Nespoli wore them during his STS-120 mission in 2007.
  • All the yarn (fabric to produce briefs) used to make Sloggi briefs could stretch to the moon and back 12 times.
  • The 1.3 billion pairs of Sloggi’s that have been sold equate to 126 pairs every minute.

Sloggi all started in 1979. The business had one single cause. They wanted to be the world’s first brief that was made from extra-combed cotton that was spun around elastic Lycra. Sloggi believed that everyone wanted the freedom of movement that cotton gives you whilst having the quality of a pair of underwear that keeps its shape wash after wash.  Boy didn’t they succeed. Sloggi grew from strength to strength to be one of the most bought briefs today.

In 1986 Sloggi expanded into Men’s underwear. They started producing men’s briefs and trunks. From 1986 to 2015, Sloggi used one of Australia’s favourite celebrities to launch its EverNew briefs. Using Kylie as its global ambassador Sloggi continued to grow as a global powerhouse. Of course, we know that using Kylie was always going to be a success. From when she hit our screens on Neighbours, we knew what a fair dinkum actress and role model she was.