Tuffys and Tuffetts product information

Tuffys Briefs

Tuffys Briefs:

  • Made from Australian cotton
  • Tuffys briefs have the support and comfort which every man needs
  • Soft and stretchy
  • High cut leg for freedom and movement
  • Double layer pouch
  • Made from cotton and lycra
  • Proudly Australian made

Tuffetts Bikini Brief

Tuffetts Bikini Brief:

  • Made with ultra soft cotton blend
  • Proudly Australian made offering superior comfort to keep you feeling fabulous all day long
  • Low rise
  • Medium coverage
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Made from cotton and lycra
  • Proudly Australian made

Tuffetts Hipster Brief

Tuffetts Hipster Brief:

  • Feel fabulous and sexy everyday with Tuffetts Hipster Briefs.
  • Their new Signature waistband is so silky and soft it will feel like your wearing nothing.
  • Comfort every woman deserves.
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Ultra smooth signature waistband
  • Made from cotton and lycra
  • Proudly 100% Australian Made

Tuffetts Full Brief

Tuffets Full Brief:

  • They have super soft cotton blend and ultra smooth waistband, guaranteed to make you feel fabulous all day, everyday.
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Mid rise
  • Full coverage
  • Made from cotton and lycra
  • Proudly Australian made

Tuffetts G-String

Tuffetts G-String:

  • Tuffetts are introducing the most comfortable G-string ever
  • Light weight cotton and super soft waistband is virtually invisible under your clothes
  • Low rise
  • Made from cotton and lycra
  • Proudly Australian made

About Tuffy and Tuffetts

“A truly Australian company, Tuffy and Tuffetts are designed and manufactured in Australia. From the sunny state, Queensland, they are fair dinkum Australian undies.”

Tuffy and Tuffetts are as fair dinkum Australian as it gets. They are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are our only supplier who still manufactures in Australia and we are really proud to have them onboard.

Launched in 2012 the name Tuffy and Tuffetts is unique. Tuffy is the name for the male underwear products whereas Tuffetts is the name for the female underwear. Further, Tuffy and Tuffetts only produce male and female underwear. No socks, just underwear. They are true underwear specialist.

One of the benefits of being an Australian brand is that they use Australian materials. Tuffy and Tuffetts products are made from high quality Australian cotton.

In the Tuffy range, the team has designed trunks and briefs that will give men the comfort they desire with style to give them swagger. Made with Australian cotton, the Tuffy range is sure to cover any Australian bum and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The Tuffetts range is designed to give women a flawless silhouette. How you may ask? Tuffetts are cheeky designed, trend setting, fun and fresh. Tuffetts believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable each and every day. After all, as Tuffetts say “comfort leads to confidence”.

After five years of trading, Tuffy and Tuffetts have built a name amongst Australian retailers and consumers. They are quickly becoming a staple amongst Aussie men and women and with their funky designs it’s easy to see why.

UnderMyPants are proud to stock a truly Australian brand and will continue to stock and support Tuffy and Tuffetts because we believe in Australian companies.