Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription to UnderMyPants?

Only the best thing ever. A subscription for UnderMyPants is just like a normal magazine subscription. We ship out what you’ve ordered on the basis that you want. It could be once, twice or three times year, you choose.

How does a package work?

UnderMyPants offers you three distinct package types. Each package has a variety of brands with the same products on offer. In each pack, both women and men will get a total of three, four or five pairs of underwear and socks. Within each package, you will be able to choose your style, colour and size.

So what does that mean?

Style – tell us what you want. For example, guys do you want to receive three briefs or three trunks? Ladies, do you want to receive three g-strings, briefs or boylegs? Then tell us what type of socks you want. Again, is it business socks your after or just normal crew socks?

Colour and size – once you’ve told us what items you want, then tell us what size and colour you’re after.

If they’re aren’t enough pairs of underwear and socks then feel free to order another pack as part of your subscription.

How does a couple package work?

We created a couples pack because we know there are plenty of couples, house mates or brothers and sisters who are desperate for new undies and socks. So instead of both coming online and getting an individual pack, why not do it together and save some money?

Our couples packs work the same way our individual packages work. You first both agree on which package you want. Once agreed upon, each individual will be able to pick their style, colour and size.

Please note: There are no split payments for couples pack. We’ll leave it to you to organise who pays and who pays back.

Any further inquiries please contact

I've placed my order, but I haven't received my pack yet?

We want to supply your underwear and socks more then just once. We want to be here for years. As a result, we ship all of our orders on the 15th of each month. Rest assured, your pack will arrive 2-3 business days after the 15th depending on where you are in the country.

If it’s been a month already then please contact us immediately at We will aim to resolve this as quick as possible.

For further details on our delivery methods, please see our delivery page or terms and conditions.

How much does shipping cost?

There are no additional shipping costs unless you live overseas. If you still have any shipping inquiries, please contact

It's year 2 and I want to change my pack, can I?

Absolutely you can. A month before we ship your upcoming package we’ll send you a reminder email with what’s being sent out. If you’re sick of your current pack or want to change style or sizes than just follow the email instructions and change away.

How does the gift work?

Gifting is simple. If you want to ensure that your loved one has clean underwear and socks than simply pick which package you think suits them best and complete the package steps – style, colour, size and address. The lucky person will then receive their package in the mail.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. We hope you don’t need to, but if you feel you want to then cancelling is easy. You can simply log into your account on the UnderMyPants website and cancel your subscription.