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What’s under your pants?

Do your socks have holes in them?
Is your underwear from the 80s?
Do you have underwear with no elastic in it?
Do you have odd socks on?

Yes to one or yes to all, UnderMyPants is the answer. We exist so you never have to go shopping or wear that old stinky pair again. We deliver your package so your package is comfortable. Get started with UnderMyPants now and we’ll look after you.

The nitty gritty so you can get started

Still not convinced you need an UnderMyPants pack? We’ll hopefully we can remove any doubt in your mind by answering some common questions.

Well our subscription packages start from three pairs of underwear and socks. Depending on how many you want, you can order up to five pairs of underwear and socks. If you want more then five pairs of fresh socks and underwear then simply order another pack.

The choice is up to you. You can get the delivery three, two or once a year. If you want a more frequent delivery, then please reach out to us.

Unfortunately, we’ve separated our brands into packs to make life easier. Once you settle on package you are limited to chose the brands that are in that package. If you still have any questions feel free to get in contact with us.

Delivery is FREE. We don’t charge for delivery as we believe in delivering true value for our customers. Subscription service is all about the convenience of getting something you want.

Unfortunately you can’t. UnderMyPants combines an average underwear subscription with a sock subscription to offer you both. We are here to fill the void of having to buy new underwear and socks. With that vision in mind, we will continue to offer socks and underwear as a combined package.