How it works

UnderMyPants is simple. Our aim is to supply your underwear and socks on a regular basis so you can forget the burden of underwear shopping. It takes just four clicks and you’ll be wearing fresh underwear in no time.

Today will be the last day you wear socks with holes in them, or outdated underwear.


Step One – Choose what you want.
It’s easy to get started. First click on what type of undies and socks you’re looking for. We have packages for men, women, couples and children. Or choose any as a gift.

Step Two – Select your pack.
A package from UnderMyPants consists of three, four or five pairs of underwear and socks in your chosen style.

Step Three – Personalise your package.

Tell us what you want. Are you a briefs man or trunks guy? Do you prefer g-strings? What about your style of socks?

In the male package, men can choose from briefs or jocks. On top of this they can decide if they want crew, sport or business socks.

In the female package, women can choose from pairs of bikini cut, briefs, boyleg or g-string. On top of this they can decide on crew, sport or business socks.

In all packages, you will be able to decide your colour and size for the items you choose. If you are looking for more items, you will be able to order as many packages as you want.

Step Four – Your items are enroute. 

It’s as easy as that. You’ll never have to worry about buying underwear or socks again. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the stress-free life of being an UnderMyPants member.

Why UnderMyPants?

  • UnderMyPants has all the brands you know and love, no imports, with up to 40% savings.
  • With UnderMyPants you can be sitting on your couch in your underwear ordering your next fresh supply.
  • Why are you even reading this? Order now.