Is underwear the new outerwear?

Is outerwear the new underwear? According to the fashion from Coachella it is and we are loving it! But what does this mean? Exposed bras, bras as tops, jocks as shorts. Less is best!

We at UnderMyPants love the continued growth of underwear being worn as outerwear. It’s more fun to give people a peek at what’s underneath, it gives you a boost of confidence all the awhile it’s a little cheeky with fashion. We see underwear statements worn by celebs like Gigi and Bella, Kylie and Kendal but is it acceptable for you and I to turn up to Sunday night dinner with crochet pants and a see through G-string?

This week we explore the underwear as the new outerwear craze!

The benefits:

We don’t have to look too far to find some benefits. Wearing just your underwear or bra is cool. It feels great, it looks sexy and most of all it just makes a simple statement to the world – I don’t give a f#%^. Checking out some of the images below from Coachella and fashion blogger you can see how good it feels to just wear your underwear!


There’s no VPL

Visible panty line is a crime! The thought of tight jeans with visible granny panties is a headache and can change the whole shape of your bum. Having your underwear as the statement rather than your pants gives you the comfort of full briefs and nothing to explain when you have VPL, clearly you’re a fashionista and we shouldn’t question it.

Is this really a new trend?

While it’s clear the benefits that underwear as outerwear is a fashion trend, one question remains. Is this a new trend? Everything has a place. Some tribes out in the jungles both men and women still only wear underwear. They are staying nimble for what’s out there; ready for what surprise the world might have for them next! This trend also continues back to the 16th and 17th centuries were men and women would display their underwear. Think long one-piece undershirts being displayed by Englishmen. Ladies would display their corsets and ruffs would be coming out of all angles.

We can come to the conclusion that kicking dust in the middle of the Californian desert listening to Beyoncé is an acceptable time to whip out your best underwear and not give a hoot! We can confidently say that music festivals give you a free pass at fashion and anything goes attitude but at your Sunday night family dinner maybe consider covering up for the grandparents.

It seems that what’s under your pants continues to play a key role in your life. It not only protects your privates and keeps you hygenic, but it also is a fashion statement. So next time your picking your next set, make sure you pick something that your happy to display!

April 27, 2018

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