Pub Talk – Short or long leg trunks?

There are many classic debates that always come down to personal preference. Godfather one or two? Did Adnan do it or not? New Stars Wars series or old? In the underwear industry there are many traditional debates which still never have a clear winner. For men, it’s trunks, briefs or boxers? For women, it’s G-string’s or boy leg?

Since the early 2000’s, the popularity of trunks has ceased the debate as to boxers, briefs or trunks. Trunks have really taken over the male market as men no longer believe that boxers will help the tree grow more nuts. That myth has subsided, and Trunks have taken over. However, a new debate has enraged in the male underwear market. That is, what is the better trunk? Short classic trunks or long leg trunks?

This week, we’ll look at the long leg trunk and why people are thinking they are the real deal.

The long leg trunk

Long leg trunks have long been associated with sports. The trunk is most popular for bike riders and athletes who are looking for a pair that will not ride and give them the necessary support to go 100%. It has been the transition of the long leg trunks from a sports pair to an everyday pair that has sparked this debate. Companies like Tradie and Mitch Dowd have done a great job at recreating the athlete trunk to something that can be worn every day. In fact, even the latest Bonds ad is of Dustin Martin in a pair of long leg trunks. This is perhaps the greatest indication of just how popular long leg trunks have become.

No more wedgies

The main argument for long leg trunk lovers is the fact that long leg trunks don’t ride. Contrary to what you would think, the extra length reduces the trunks chance of riding. Instead, the trunk extends past the ride zone so it doesn’t get caught on your pants and ride up.

No chafing with long leg

The other benefit of a long leg trunk that doesn’t ride is the fact it prevents the chances of chafing. The trunk doesn’t ride up so thus, it doesn’t rub against the skin and cause irritation. Further, if you get a good pair like the Tradie No Chafe Long Leg Trunks than you’ll get a breathable pair that will further reduce the chance of chafing.

With its booming popularity it must be said the Long Leg Trunks are the real deal. They are comfortable, they breathe well and look good. But more importantly, they don’t ride or wedge. Short trunks get caught on a chair or always move around and find themselves being picked out constantly. So with the no ride and no chafe philosophy, we at UnderMyPants are on the long leg train!



June 11, 2018

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