What’s under your pants – Why it’s important for the government to know

Apparently smuggling drugs in cakes is no longer a thing in jails. Instead, inmates have turned to underwear and socks to bring in their ‘goods’. This latest trend has seen the NSW government ban inmates from receiving underwear or socks in the mail.

How are intimates being used to smuggle drugs into jail?

Authorities have found that drugs have been sewn into the lining of the underwear and socks. The briefs straps or elastic bands on our socks and underwear were being unpinned, packed with illegals and sewn back up. Once concealed, the underwear or socks were sent as gifts to inmates. Although it’s highly illegal and wrong, this demonstrates how socks and underwear are always the best gift. Even when in jail, a fresh set will cheer you up. You really can never go wrong!

Is the ban fair?

Although you could be thinking, ‘yeah this is fair enough!’. I want to point out the big brother aspect to this. Surely, items get inspected before they come into the jail? Surely, the authorities can just check the lining? how many pairs of underwear and socks are coming in?

As an underwear and sock enthusiasts, it’s important to us that even those serving time have the right to receive, choose and wear underwear and socks they love. Wearing their favourite pair of underwear could give them the slightest bit of happiness and hope within a bad environment, how do you feel when you put on a brand new pair of underwear or socks?

It’s a vanilla situation  

Perhaps the worst part of the decision by the NSW government was the decision that inmates need to wear the same prison-issued socks and underwear. How sad that is. The Orwell in me will say it starts with the prisons and ends with our society. Imagine if we all wore the same underwear and socks? It would be very vanilla, almost like prison?

Hopefully our governments are more proactive in checking our mailed goods to ensure sewn drugs are taken out. Fingers crossed our inmates will soon be allowed to receive their favourite intimates again!



May 17, 2018

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Green thumb – What happens to our underwear?

After last years War on waste series on the ABC everyone in Australia got a little more conscious of our environment. The series did a great job at calling out our current ways. In particular, it focused on everyday activities that we all love, yet are devastating our environment. Look at take away coffee cups, plastic bags for shopping and fast fashion!

As a reseller of underwear, we were particularly taken aback by the fast fashion statistics. 500,000 tones of textiles and leathers end up in our landfill each year. This equates to $500 million worth of textile waste each year. Even more alarmingly, Australian’s are the second biggest consumers of textiles in the world. On average, an Australian will consume 27 kilos of new textiles each year and throw out 23 kilos. The scary part? Of the 23 kilos of clothing that we throw out each year, 15 kilos of this can never be broken down. It will just waste away in our landfills, destroying our environment.

These statistics are alarming. These statistics don’t even go into the manufacturing process. Imagine all the damage that is done to our environment to produce the 27 kilos of textiles that we consume each year. I would hate to imagine the impact it is having on our waterways, fields and overall environment.

So, the question came to us, what can we do in the underwear industry? We looked at in the market and surprisingly, we found a lot of brands that are doing good things. In this week’s blog we celebrate a new underwear brand from Denmark, look at what’s happening in Australia and pose a question to you about your underwear.

Silver lining

Silver lining is an organic basics company producing underwear and t-shirts for men out of Denmark. Their catch? Their basics are produced out of recycled nylon and have a polygene applied to it for odour control. What does this mean? Silver lining’s aim is thanks to their technology, kills bacteria so no need to wash your underwear as much as we currently do. They tackle our environmental waste by reducing the amount of energy and toxins released into the environment from our washing machine.

Not bad. This company is doing a kickstarter, so look them up if your interested!

Labels to look out for

Ethical clothing Australia lists a number of Australian producers who are doing their part. Companies like Atlast the label, are using recycled materials to produce underwear that is made with minimal effect to our environment. Make sure you go to – http://ethicalclothingaustralia.org.au  to see what’s out there.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

To finish this weeks blog we want to pose a question. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could recycle our underwear and socks? Instead of throwing our pairs out to landfill, what if we could put them in the recycling bin? Or what if we had a new bin, one purely for textiles. We could apply a new process to help recycle our clothing rather than leaving our 23 kilos in landfill. Just crazy ideas that haven’t been answered yet. Let’s us know your thoughts!


May 7, 2018

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Si Pantalone, more than a comedy act

Have you ever wondered where your underwear comes from? Here at UnderMyPants we want to provide some answers and delve deeper into the questions that have always been wondered, yet never answered. Earlier this year we did a blog on why we wear underwear? This blog answered the questions about the purpose of underwear. This week, we look at the history of underwear. Where did it come from, why is it called underwear and much more!

The name

As all good legends and myths, the story of ‘underwear’ starts with an Italian comic named Pantalone. This legend of the industry has his name sketched in history as he performed a comic act and wore ‘pants’ under his clothes. These pants would go all the way to his ankles and showing these off to the crowd were part of his comedy routine. As such, underwear became known as ‘pants’.

It wasn’t until the 19th century, were underwear was renamed to ‘underwear’. The English called them pants, and they were soon known as underwear as they were worn under clothes. Originally, they started as underpants (this name continues in some countries) and slowly moved to underwear.

Different eras of underwear

The ancient Egyptians were not only building pyramids and taking over the world but they were also wearing loincloths. These were one of the first documented pairs of underwear. However, this was only sometimes. I can imagine in that heat and with all the building they were doing, sometimes you’d like to just freeball. Let it all out, you know? The Romans, not to be outdone, were the first full time wearing civilianization to wear underwear. Perhaps that was Julius Cesar trick to getting a delicious salad named after himself?

During the middle ages men wore linen shorts as underwear, while, women didn’t wear any ‘knickers’ until the 19th century. Prior to that, women simply wore corsets underneath their dresses.

Fun Fact

The bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacob who used two handkerchiefs joined by ribbon. What a resourceful women and what an impact she has had on society!

Through the ages

From the 19th century through to the 20th century, underwear became shorter and more of a fashion item. As companies like Jockey, Triumph and Bonds appeared, they had designers who would shorten the corsets and long leg underwear and make them more visually appealing. Second fun fact, companies like Jockey, Triumph and Bonds have been around for over 130 years! They are staples in our lives and continue to create underwear that supports us all.

Underwear is a fascinating concept and one which has been around through ages. Starting with a joker in Italy and ending with fashion icons like CK. Underwear will continue to play a role in our lives and is something we at UnderMyPants are passionate about.


April 15, 2018

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One Year On – What we’ve learnt

It was no April fools joke when UnderMyPants launched last year. As the starry-eyed founders, we were reassured that our ‘great idea’ would be a huge hit. Everyone had given us feedback on the website and said they liked it. What could possibly wrong?


We’ll a lot of things went wrong and just as many things went right. We stand here, one year on the journey having learnt a lot. We are now facing real business challenges that will continue to make or break us – Logistics, costs and continual growth. We thought we’d reflect on what were some of the lessons we learnt from our first year in business.


Sales are hard to come by

Perhaps one of the funniest journeys we went on this year was overcoming our first challenge of acquiring sales. We felt like we were in the Sahara desert when we first launched and it wasn’t until we went out to our customers that we found out our idea and website had more holes in it than Swisse Cheese. So what do you do in the face of a challenge? You listen, you ask as many people as possible for feedback and you try new things. Being able to pivot has allowed the business to sell one off underwear and sock packs. Shifting to include this new business model has allowed us to generate constant sales, expand our audience and grow the subscription side of our business.


Be yourself

In November last year business for us in both the New Zealand and Australian market really kicked off. As it kicked off we had more orders then we could handle. It led to us being ‘too busy’ to implement practices that we had prided ourselves on. We loved confirming orders, hand writing cards and speaking to our customers on a regular basis. By not doing so, we lost our identity and it was evident to us given the feedback we were getting. The operations team took a deep breath and went back to what gave them joy. They implemented the practices that helped us get to that level of growth and we continued to communicate with our customers. We believe in good customer service and delivering a good experience and we will continue to do this in our own way.


There’s always a new challenge

When things are good you can find yourself getting ahead of the curve. Perhaps I don’t need to get up at 5am this morning. Argh, that task can wait till tomorrow. It’s not vital, we’re making money right? How wrong this attitude is! It’s so important to have your finger on the pulse and be constantly pushing yourself. Taking your eyes off the road just leads to more stress down the track.


Bad turns into good – Always believe

Whenever we’ve had a down time, it’s always been followed by good growth in the company. We’ve learnt that you simply need to believe. When I’m stressed out of my mind and can’t see how I’ll get through this challenge or even get through the day, I tell myself to believe. I tell myself that I need to believe this hard work will bring on the next wave of good news. I need to believe what I am doing is the right thing for the company and our partners. I need to believe this is the right step for the company.


The best part? When you truly do believe, you get through the moment and find yourself overcoming the challenge. Positive reinforcement goes along way when owning a business.

April 2, 2018

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Winter Olympics – Underwear Update

As the 2018 Winter Olympics comes to a close we all sit back and admire what we’ve seen over the last two weeks. Individuals from all around the world came to one place to participate in the sports they love. The worlds best really put on a show. Highlights such as the ‘flying tomatoes’ (Shaun White) third straight half pipe gold medal will go down in Olympic history, what a clutch final run it was.

Although we’re sport nuts at UnderMyPants we’re also underwear connoisseurs. We’ve been looking at the fashions over the last two weeks and come up with our highlights from the winter Olympics.

They fit two pairs of underwear under there….What?

We thought winter olympians opened themselves up to a Matt Shirvington moment with their skin tight outfits. Only we think they wouldn’t have the same problem given how cold it is… But turns out we were wrong. Olympians actually wear underwear under their skin tight fast suits. Travis Ganong, the Alpine skiier admitted to mens health magazine that they were long underneath their suits. In fact they even wear two pairs just to layer up and be warm. Who knew they could fit so much under their suits! It is a true testiment to the micromodal sports underwear that is out there. It truly is skin tight.


The figure skating is a thing of beauty. The elegantly glide across the ice together pulling and throwing each other in every which way. At the games this year there were more then just falls, there was also costume mishaps. Unfortunately two athletes had their straps come off their back. Fortunately, nothing revealing came off and the athletes were able to finish their run.

Fortunately there was no further costume mishaps. Who can forget the mooning we all received in sochi.Lucikly, 4 years on, the extreme sports team were able to keep their pants up.

The streaker

What would a global event be without a streaker? They make global news and bring a smile to old. This streaker had a nice message for all in peace and love. He also was kind enough to have monkey underwear and cover his private bits for us.

The joys of oylmpics. Aside from the events there’s always drama that’s going on. At UnderMyPants we are more obessed with the underwear dramas then the doping or sports drama. Thanks for reading and taking in our passion!



February 28, 2018

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The best travel underwear

Travelling is ingrained in Australians. Every year over 6.5 million Australians jet set abroad and isn’t it great. We go over all around the world spreading our love, joy and laid-back attitude. We’re much loved by all and traveling is a great part of the Australian tradition. Only issue with all this travelling is that we live so far away. Unless you’re going to Asia, and even then flights can be 9 and a half hours long, a flight is going to be 24 hours +.

Given we always plan or want to go overseas, the team at UnderMyPants were curious as to what makes the best travel underwear. They need to be comfortable and must provide good circulation/blood flow. They need to be smell resistant because they’ll be on for a long time and if they can help retain an inch of a fart than that’s a big plus. Lastly, you want a pair that will breathe and dry up any sweat that comes out.

This week’s blog we’re looking at the qualities that make good travel undies.

Cotton isn’t your friend

We all love cotton. It is easily the most sought and bought underwear for everyday life. However, cotton underwear can be annoying to travel in. It contributes to that gross feeling you have when you land and your covered in drying sweat. Instead of cotton, you should try wicking fibers found in active underwear. These are likely to be your modal, bamboo and merino wool. Wearing these types of underwear will ensure your bottom is dry for the whole trip and you are living in business class comfort.

The more material the better

For males, long leg trunks are a god send for travelling. They are anti-ride underwear. This means no awkward wedgies while running to make the plane or whilst sitting next to someone. Long leg trunks also come in wicking fibers and can be your best friend for a trip. For females, most of the blogs suggest bikini briefs or boyleg briefs are the way to go. When travelling there’s no rules around visible panty lines. Comfort and sensibility trump any fashion statements that are made on an aeroplane. So ladies go comfort over fashion and chose a breathable brief.

Before we conclude, we wanted to point out the length to which people chose sensible products over fashion whilst travelling.  The Clever Travel Companion has created underwear which has pockets in them. You can zip up your passport and cash to ensure the only way your robbed is if they strip you down. At that point, are you really worried about the cash or your dignity?

The concluding UnderMyPants tip? When packing for your next trip, remember to go with more material and steer clear of cotton!





February 15, 2018

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Are the Japanese setting another trend?

Japan has long been a country of global importance. They have played a significant part in our world, whether it be Sumo wrestlers, hello kitty, sushi or the much loved Pokemon, Japan has given us a lot of varieties of things to enjoy. Most recently Japan has been spreading their influence into fashion with Uniqlo and A Bathing Ape creating fashion items for all.

Now it seems the Japanese have started a new trend. One which is very typical Japanese and one which may or may not spread to Western worlds.

Wear it small and wear it low

Similar but different to the rap craze of the 90’s, Japanese are now wearing their underwear super low. As low as you can go so it only covers the essentials. On top of this, Japanese women are wearing smaller sized underwear. The fashion trend is a combination of super small underwear that is worn extremely low on your body.

This is a vast difference to the high waisted underwear fashion that is trending back in Western Worlds. As we go higher and longer, the Japanese are going shorter and smaller.

Why the trend?

Perhaps a Japanese socialite saw miniature homes and got inspired by what she can downsize in her wardrobe. Perhaps? But, this trend has come out of the necessity to show your cuddles. By wearing smaller and low underwear the Japanese can show off their cuddly delicate curves.

Whose behind this?

In any new social phenomena there’s always someone behind it. The underwear company Predator Rat’s has created the underwear and bras that barely cover your bum or support your bosom.

Our only concern is how do people walk around or integrate in everyday activities? Wont your underwear fall off your legs if you are walking? How tight must they be to sit half way on your body and how much do you need to waddle to keep your underwear up?

There seems to be to many questions and looks of discomfort for us. But if we’re wrong, see below!


If your keen or think this is a cool new trend, please get in touch with UnderMyPants. Although our new innovations (which we’re working on) are completely different to this trend, UnderMyPants would hate to not service our customers needs. So got a craving for small? why not reach out! help@undermypants.com




Credit for images is to the above two websites*

February 6, 2018

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How underwear and socks can make your day more productive

Each morning you wake up and put your underwear and socks on. Typically, you wouldn’t even think about this process other than the thought of ‘I need new undies’ or ‘I can probably wear these for another day?’.

There are always inspirational articles about the power of a morning routine. I know, they’re boring, fake and don’t relate to our lives! I promise, as much as it is possible to write this blog in a non-wanky way. But, we do want to acknowledge the power of putting on clean underwear and socks. It’s a part of your morning routine and the power of accomplishing this task is one which needs to be acknowledged. It will allow you to hit other tasks throughout the day to then improve productivity.

But, I hear you asking, how? We’ll UnderMyPants has the answers for you!

Morning habits are the keystone to good behaviours

Charles Duhigg noted in his book The Power of Habit the importance of making your bed every morning. He explains that ticking off such simple tasks in the morning kick starts your body and mind into a positive mind set. It reaffirms a stronger mindset as you’ve ‘ticked one task’ already and are now ready for a more productive day. If you don’t believe Charles or UnderMyPants, then surely, you’ll believe Navy Seal William H. McCraven. He concludes that making the bed each morning is one task that you have ticked off and this gets you in the mindset to go and tick off the next one.

How underwear and socks can be incorporated into this

The experts all say that having a morning routine helps your mind and body. It helps you clear your mind and sets yourself up for a productive day. The power of accomplishing small tasks is huge for our mindset and the keystone of this is routine.

For example, if you rush out the door and forget your lunch and are wearing odd socks (ones with a hole in it) then you feel tired, clouded and rushed. However, if you’ve had breakfast, made the bed and are wearing a fresh set then you feel happy, productive and are ready to tackle the day.

The challenge for you is to have more fresh days than not. Start by incorporating clean underwear and socks in your morning routine.

We at UnderMyPants are setting you the challenge. Don’t just rush out of the shower and throw your socks and underwear on. But instead, make some time for yourself. First make the bed, go for a walk, eat breakfast have a shower and open up a draw of clean underwear and socks that are nicely folded.

And once you’re doing this or if you’re doing it already, then make sure you acknowledge yourself. Tap yourself on the shoulder. You’ve ticked another task for the day. No matter how small it is. You’ve still put on fresh underwear and socks!

Taking on the UnderMyPants Fresh Socks and Jocks challenge will help you have more productive days and a clearer mind. We Promise!

January 24, 2018

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The latest from the Underwear Industry

In this weeks blog we look at what’s been in happening in the underwear industry and with UnderMyPants.

Summer is the time we flaunt our undies. Its so warm and we feel so comfortable who really wants to put pants on while waking up in the morning or going to get the paper. Watering the veggie garden in the morning? These menial tasks in the Australian summer just lend themselves to wearing only undies.

This summer two fun runs have taken this great mentality and formalized it with a fun run. The Cancer Council held a fun run in underwear in Adelaide. The run was 2.3km and raised over $143,000 for Bowl Cancer. The event had great support with the Bachelors Matty J, Miss Universe Australia Olivia Rogers and Adelaide radio presenter Amos Gill all getting involved. We’d also like to say a big good on you to Mitch Dowd you supplied the running underwear for the 1,600 participants.

Coming in February is the cupid fun run which is held across 17 locations in Australia. Being held on Valentines day weekend, the cupid run is a 1.5km fun run raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation Australia. You can choose to either dress up or dress down, it’s up to you! If you and your partner are free this Valentines weekend, make sure you go to the site and get involved – http://www.cupidsundierun.com.au/.

Other undie news

Prince Harry asked the former president of the United States whether his a boxers or briefs man. Unfortunately, Obama wasn’t open to divulging his underwear preference. However, I am glad that he didn’t do so as there would have been many articles and studies that would link Obama’s underwear choice to being a great leader. I can see the headline now ‘Giving yourself more room with boxers leads to being a better Millennial leader’.

Nordstorm did the unthinkable for any online retailer. They sent an old pair of G-strings to a customer. Thinking that she would get her new pair of jeans, Christine Evans opened her package to find an old, dirty worn G-String. After calling customer service she was only offered a replacement pair of jeans… As the customer put it ‘that’s not good enough’. Perhaps Nordstorm should read our last article on delivery great customer service.

And lastly, a French startup restarted a scary debate. Just what damage are our smart phones doing while we leave them in our pockets? They believe they are doing a lot of damage and to combat the radiation they launched a pair of boxers that have a silver fiber lay mixed with cotton to protect your private parts. Costing about $45 USD per boxer, these pairs could literally save your boys.

As for UnderMyPants. We just met with a branding agency and are looking forward to future design changes. We are constantly reflecting on our performance and we’re hungry to constantly improve and we know our design needs further improvement. Aside from that we are looking at two further countries to expand to. We have ambitious expansion plans as we truly believe UnderMyPants has something special to offer the world. Watch this space!

January 17, 2018

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Global underwear trends

There are things in our community which we are all told we must follow. For the most part, we all do a good job, well at least we try to. We all try and brush our teeth twice a day, drink lots of water and of course change our underwear and socks daily. The problem with these tasks is that the consequences aren’t bad enough for us to stick to. Do you really need to brush your teeth twice a day? Can’t you wear socks more then once, they wont smell straight away?

We’ll we’re no sticklers to the rule. We even support those who stick it to the man. But we’ve done some research on how as a global population were tracking for sticking to the underwear and socks rules. It turns out we’re doing way worse then even we could believe. So sit back and find out the shocking facts of how gross we really are!

Wearing underwear for two days?

The UK or motherland as it can be known to us Australian’s is leading the world in global disgustingness for men’s underwear. One in four, 25% of men in the UK wear underwear for two days before changing them. Now, we understand that you might be able to reverse your underwear if your camping, or you’ve lucked out on a mid week sleep over and need to get to work. But come on, 25% of all men wear underwear two days in a row? That can’t be good…. There’s sweat build up, moisture in old underwear that can lead to chaffing and not to mention all the bacteria that can spawn from wet, hot and dirty conditions.

We’re not all Tom Cruises

As many people like to tell a start up subscription underwear business (yes that’s what UnderMyPants does), Tom Cruise would be our perfect customer. Apparently the wild and whacky A-lister refuses to wear nothing but new underwear and wears a fresh pair of CK’s everyday. A good customer yes, good role model, perhaps not?

But, even worse than the UK is the ever wanting to lead but constantly failing us USA. In America, 18 per cent of men and 10 percent of women don’t wash their underwear at all… Now, they’re not getting fresh sets from UnderMyPants or Calvin Klein so I’m not sure what they’re using. There either bare backing it or just wearing gross unwashed undies. Either way, Donald Trump needs to address his hyenine issue.

You’ll never guess hygiene leaders

According to MSN, globally 18-24 year old’s are the most hygienic. They wash their underwear the most and wear a fresh set everyday. You never would have guessed it, with underwear companies constantly pushing the 18-24 year old market given we believe they need the most sets. Turns out they have it under control. Also turns out UnderMyPants needs a new target market, thanks MSN.

Throw out your pairs once a year

The Good Housekeeping Institute has revealed that washing your underwear in hot washes, with washing detergent can kill up to a million bacteria. However, this still leaves 10,000 bacteria on your undies! To avoid anything bad happening to you, the GHI recommends that you replace your underwear annually. Thanks for the support GHI, subscription underwear is surely the answer to filling your health requirements?



November 14, 2017

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