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There’s been a lot of recent publicity educating the public on the physical abuse the medical industry suffer. It’s alarming to think those who work to assist us in our greatest time of need are being physically attacked and put in threatening positions. We only hope that the current campaign will educate the wider community to ensure our nurses and paramedics feel safe in their work environment. However, this week we’re reflecting on a great campaign which is close to our heart. On June 1, it is crazy socks for docs day. A day were doctors wear crazy or odd socks to help raise money and awareness for mental health within the medical industry.

Last year, UnderMyPants supported the campaign and this year we are proud to jump on board again. The reason this is so close to us is we’ve witnessed the struggles first hand of working in the medical industry. With a brother who works in the industry, it’s been interesting to note the journey he’s been on.

Like most people, I always assumed that my brother was on top of everything. He’s a doctor, he can deal with death, sickness and disease. I like many, assumed that he was trained to deal with this and wired that way. However, as he grew deeper into the field, I started to learn that he, just like me goes through the struggles of work. It was interesting to listen to his reflections on people who were his age or with young families. People who didn’t deserve what occurred, yet, all the industry can do is treat them as best they can.

It must be hard to deal with all these scenarios all the while you need to be cool, calm and collected. Doctors are often our rocks and they are held in the highest esteem in our society, yet we never think that they too need our help.

The message Crazy Socks for Docs is to raise awareness for mental health in the healthcare industry. Doctors need to be aware of it and look after each other. It’s only when our healthcare professionals look after each other with the support and care of our community that mental health burdens will not go on unspoken.

June 1, please get out your crazy socks for docs and see below to help out.

Crazy Socks:

#CrazySocks4Docs @CrazySocks4Docs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

To contact Beyond Blue, please call 1300 22 4636 or visit



May 29, 2018

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