Wearing socks to bed can improve everything

I’ve always thought bed socks were for old people like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory. I never thought about why people would wear socks to bed, in particularly old people. Perhaps it has some sort of benefit? With that perception in mind I went about finding out what are the benefits of wearing socks to bed.

It turns out there’s a lot of benefits. Who knew that wearing socks in bed may increase your sex life, it helps you sleep faster and helps with health problems….Yeah, wearing socks to bed can change your life and here’s why!

Improve your sex life

The University of Groningen (not sure if this is real?) found that 80% of couples reached orgasm while wearing socks. Meanwhile only 50% were able to get there without socks. They believe that wearing socks in bed keeps you warm, allowing for more improved blood flow to other parts of the body. Further, having warm feet won’t put off your partner while your frolicking. Rather than feeling your partners cold feet you now feel warm feet with soft fibers. Apparently, this combination is sexy and if your looking for that extra spark or looking to be warm whilst doing it, why not try wearing socks to bed?

Health benefits

What’s interesting about sleeping with socks on is that it cools down your core body temperature. I thought it would be the opposite with sweaty feet and overheating all night. Turns out that wearing socks to bed allows your core body temperature to drop from 37 degrees to 35.8 degrees. This has huge effects on the body as it conserves energy and dilates your blood vessels, resulting in a cooler core body temperature and greater blood flow.

This has two known befits. The first is for women as it can reduce the amount of hot flushes they feel at night. This can be particularly helpful during menopause. Keeping the body cool will reduce your hot flushes and allow you to sleep better.

The other health benefit is a decreased chance of getting Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a circulatory disorder in which your blood vessels tighten in response to stress or cold. It is associated with white hands and toes with a numb sensation going through these parts of your body. Wearing socks can reduce the chances of this occurring as you are taking care of your feet by keeping them warm at night. Lastly, wearing socks at night can stop your heels from cracking as it prevents your heels from drying out.

Fall asleep faster

The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) published a study in 2007 that people who wore socks to bed fell asleep faster. Again, keeping your socks on at night will reduce your core body temperature and allow you to sleep faster.

At UnderMyPants we thought about what socks would work best for going to bed. Bed socks obviously would be good but if you don’t have a pair, try a thick pair of woolen socks or some thicker cotton pairs like a crew sock. Good luck with it, we hope it gives you some of the benefits above!









March 15, 2018

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