What underwear suits each occasion?

With last night’s chill hitting the eastern states of Australia it’s fair to say that winter is here! It’s only June too but it sure is cold. Winter is often a mental challenge for us sun loving Australian’s with eating crap, drinking alone and long binges on Netflix being the recipe for survival.

But as we bunker down and prepare for a long winter, what are the best pairs of underwear which will assist us in our mood and help us feel better about ourselves. Whether it be that warm feeling when your relaxing with a movie (or book) or you need some motivation to feel a little sexy and go outside, the underwear you chose will assist you!

This week, we’ll be starting with men and next week we’ll look to what women can wear to help them out.

I’m fat, lazy and disgusting but love it

A cold winters day can lead to a dark room, laptop and a pack of starburst on the side of the bed (yes, I know all too well). While you bathe in your own filth you are sunk with a feeling of deep satisfaction and contentment. So what will suit your needs during this time of self gratitude?

Loose Knit Boxers – Loose and long these cotton boxers from Mitch Dowd will have you feeling like your wearing nothing at all. They will even keep your legs warm during toilet breaks. Perfect for a day in!

I could go a beer

Sometimes it’s cold and your struggling for motivation. Go out? Save money and stay in? What to do! When you need that motivation to go out and fill your need for a beer, its hope you have your long leg trunks on. The Tradie Long leg trunks will keep you warm under your jeans, they won’t ride up your leg as you go out and they’re so comfy they’ll give you the confidence to enjoy yourself!

Boys, Boys, Boys

You’re ready for a big one, it’s time to go out and show your face. A classic pair of briefs or trunks can never serve you wrong! The Tradie Hipster Trunks are great because they give you a little bit of room to move, some flexibility on the dance floor.

 I feel lucky

When you feel lucky, it’s time to throw on the male g-string or jockstrap. Back yourself in, give yourself a point of difference. Feel sexy, confident and see what happens!

June 21, 2018

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