What’s under your pants – Why it’s important for the government to know

Apparently smuggling drugs in cakes is no longer a thing in jails. Instead, inmates have turned to underwear and socks to bring in their ‘goods’. This latest trend has seen the NSW government ban inmates from receiving underwear or socks in the mail.

How are intimates being used to smuggle drugs into jail?

Authorities have found that drugs have been sewn into the lining of the underwear and socks. The briefs straps or elastic bands on our socks and underwear were being unpinned, packed with illegals and sewn back up. Once concealed, the underwear or socks were sent as gifts to inmates. Although it’s highly illegal and wrong, this demonstrates how socks and underwear are always the best gift. Even when in jail, a fresh set will cheer you up. You really can never go wrong!

Is the ban fair?

Although you could be thinking, ‘yeah this is fair enough!’. I want to point out the big brother aspect to this. Surely, items get inspected before they come into the jail? Surely, the authorities can just check the lining? how many pairs of underwear and socks are coming in?

As an underwear and sock enthusiasts, it’s important to us that even those serving time have the right to receive, choose and wear underwear and socks they love. Wearing their favourite pair of underwear could give them the slightest bit of happiness and hope within a bad environment, how do you feel when you put on a brand new pair of underwear or socks?

It’s a vanilla situation  

Perhaps the worst part of the decision by the NSW government was the decision that inmates need to wear the same prison-issued socks and underwear. How sad that is. The Orwell in me will say it starts with the prisons and ends with our society. Imagine if we all wore the same underwear and socks? It would be very vanilla, almost like prison?

Hopefully our governments are more proactive in checking our mailed goods to ensure sewn drugs are taken out. Fingers crossed our inmates will soon be allowed to receive their favourite intimates again!



May 17, 2018

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